Workshop Highlights

  • Working on untangling Social Exchange Bias

  • Understand and discuss on the topic of Cultural Bias

  • Explore ways to approach problem solving and failures

  • Learn the need for building a culture of entrepreneurship

  • Learn about the art of perspective whilst approaching conflicts

  • Discover the importance of Culture Evolution as opposed to Culture Fit

  • Explore recipes and concepts that makes an evolving culture retain our humans, attract other

    humans who are yet to be born

  • Learn the importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging becoming an integrated part of our community of practise

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Building an Evolving Culture

2.5 Days Workshop

Learn how to create an environment where culture evolution is the focus as opposed to culture fit. An evolving culture allows humans, ideas and creativity to thrive.


A culture isn’t a “one size fits all” tuxedo or dress. We have to understand that the way we approach or view the culture of a business is synonymous to how we view the culture of a country. Intrinsically, we are drawn and yearn to have a sense of belonging to a community or country where we are given the liberty to grow and live our lives whilst contributing to the economy. This is exactly how we must build the culture of our organization to be and become - a place where humans feel safe , wanted, have a sense of belonging, and are empowered to bring their set of skills to contribute to the economy.

In this workshop, participants will be challenged to shift and adopt a mindset of an evolving culture. It helps leaders to adopt a visionary outlook on implementing a culture that moves away from a “fit” perspective to a “evolution” perspective. A state of evolution rings in inclusion and carves opportunities for those who are yet to embark into the work force.