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Creating a Culture of Belonging, Acceptance and The Heart

When we belong, we become enabled. When we are enabled, our limitless potential rises. When our limitless potential rises, our confidence becomes concrete and there is only space for courage and "think big" actions - this is how we look at retaining our humans.


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Using Culture Science and Human Heart Innovation

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The human heart is a delicate asset. It is like a seed - When enabled with the right nutrients of love, belonging, worth, courage, and confidence, it will flourish. When a heart of a person flourishes, they become enabled to pour love into what they build and whom they can empower. Leaders value the hearts of their humans and the hearts of themselves.

We use this science to build catalytic leadership in communities of practise.

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We use social penetration theory amongst other theories and research in a think big concept to learn about the hearts of humans. Through layers of disclosure, we learn about others. What if we used the same theory to penetrate the hearts of our humans to truly understand the relationship they have with themselves as a result of how they see themselves as an integral part of an organization or an environment they belong to? Decoding how their hearts respond allows us to empower them.


We each have a heart and enabling the heart triggers visionary mindset.

There are 4 elements to building the hearts of humans - Time, Trust, Transparency, and Transmission.

Workshop Highlights

1 Day Workshop

  1. Understanding of what heart leadership is

  2. Deep Dive on 4 elements of catalytic heartship

  3. The Impact of Individualism and Empowerment

  4. Creating a Space of Ownership

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