Heart Capital



A space where equity for humans, genders, kindness, empathy,and diversity & inclusion is inherently practised. As a result, our existing humans grow and other humans will want to join this community of practise because we choose to be the leaders we wish we had. 

What Would You Like To Achieve?

Leading with Heartship

2 Days Workshop

A leader's journey to understanding systemic catalytic leadership.

Growing with Your Team

2 Days Workshop

Growth only starts when leaders understand their humans. Learn  to lead.

Building an Evolving Culture

2.5 Days Workshop

Learn how to create an environment where culture evolution is the focus as opposed to culture fit. An evolving culture allows humans, ideas and creativity to thrive.

Culture Understands and Culture Executes

Keynote Speaking - 60 - 90 minutes

Learn how as leaders, we strive to decode unconscious bias from a systemic level to build a robust bond in a multi cultural and multi faceted organization.

Customized Workshop & Keynote Speaking Requests

If you are looking for workshops or keynote speaking on a particular topic, please fill in our survey. We will review your request and set up a call with you. Thank you and we look forward to making an impact with you!