Partnership Highlights

  • Creating a Space of Think Big Possibilities - Keynote Speaking, trainings and recommendations for culture evolution based on analysis

  • Untangling hidden bias, Unconscious bias, and blind spots - Keynote Speaking

  • Trainings on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion for various leadership groups - Interactive Workshop, Q&A session, Safe space coalition dialogues

  • Shifting Fear into Empowerment and Courage to increase retention rate - Keynote Speaking, trainings and recommendations for culture evolution based on analysis

  • Gender equity training with a focus on Women’s Empowerment Workshop - Keynote Speaking, Q&A session, Safe space coalition dialogues

  • The Power of Our Words - Impact it has to lift our humans or drive our humans out - Trainings and Panel Keynote

  • Importance of Evolution of Jobs - Learn why this is an important driver for retention rate - Trainings and Q & A Keynote

  • Foundation work on what it means to have an evolving culture and practise heartship with every facet of our - Focus Groups with all Leadership teams, trainings, and Q & A Keynote panel

  • Deep dive analysis on existing culture including diversity & inclusion efforts, human equity and leadership practises - Systemic analysis on various leadership teams, engaging with humans of organizations of all job titles and levels with customized recommendation based on data

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Culture Evolution Partnership

1 year leadership engagement

Growth only starts when leaders understand their humans. Learn  to lead with heartship.



In this 12 month partnership, we will work on deciphering the needs of your organization through a deep dive analysis on existing culture. Upon completing our analysis, we will formulate recommendations for change and execution. We understand that change management and culture transformations are challenging. Hence, we will hold appropriate trainings related to culture evolution. This partnership is an collaborative effort with your HR teams, D&I teams, People teams, and other leadership teams.