Keynote Highlights

  • Working on decoding unconscious bias

  • Understand and discuss on the topic of Cultural Bias

  • Learn how individual’s value system is unique and learn how to build a safe environment for

    humans so they can bring themselves to the space without being conscious of being judged

  • Learn elements of cross cultural communication and the importance of respecting


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Culture Understands and Culture Executes

Keynote Speaking - 60 - 90 minutes

Learn how as leaders, we strive to decode unconscious bias from a systemic level to build a robust bond in a multi cultural and multi faceted organization.



In this fast-paced, interactive keynote, Mila DeChant will share the importance of understanding cross cultural communications. Having born, lived, and worked in 8 different parts of the world, she learnt that a culture of trust, transparency, time. and transmission is imperative in building lasting relationships with humans around the world. She brings her expertise and experience of heartship where she brings practical tools she has developed to create a thriving environment for all humans. When we understand an individual as a human and connect on a human level, we foster bonds that becomes robust. That robust bond is what defines our willingness to truly understand each other from a systemic level.