Partnership Highlights

  • Entrepreneurship hiring mindset

  • Foundation work on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging

  • Approaching performance management from a heartship perspective

  • Gender equity training with a focus on Women’s Empowerment Workshop

  • Learn how unconscious bias, blind spots, privilege practises can be shifted to build a safe

  • space

  • Become early adopters of D&I and equity to be an integral part of your organization and

  • not an isolated theme

  • Deep dive analysis on existing diversity & inclusion efforts, human equity and leadership

  • practises

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Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Partnership

1 year leadership engagement

We will work closely with your organization in integrate D&I efforts throughout your organisation



  1. In this 12 month partnership, we will work on deciphering the needs of your organization through a deep dive analysis on existing D&I efforts. Upon completing our analysis, we will formulate recommendations for change and execution. We understand that change management on D&I efforts are challenging. Hence, we will hold appropriate trainings related to culture evolution that integrates D&I efforts. This partnership is an collaborative effort with your HR teams, People teams, and other leadership teams.