What’s “Fear Has A Face”?


Fear isn’t SINGULAR.

For years, I have been battling to overcome my own fears. It was utterly debilitating and I hated what it did to me. Fear eliminated my identity. I was always fearful. I experienced a relapse multiple number of times during the time I have been alive. I relapsed with fear. I started noticing a pattern and noticed that the same kind of fear kept on recurring. The more I ran away from it, it appeared even stronger.

Until one day, I had a wake up call during my corporate career. The constant bullying I was experiencing on a daily basis was creating dissonance within myself. I witnessed my identity being erased from the fear instilled in me. I witnessed my ability to speak being erased. I witnessed my character defamed. I saw what fear did to me. It DEHUMANIZED me. My confidence relapsed during this abuse period. This is when I told myself that I was done being the victim of fear.

I embarked on a 7 month journey researching and digging deeper to find what fear really is. Can it be quantified? How does it look like? What does it do? What does it sound like? How does it come about? I was determined to find answers. After 7 months of research and digging deeper, I found that fear has a face and it is the face of the abuser. Fear can be conquered and I experimented the methods myself. Hence, I created the R-A-E METHOD.

So many of us experience fear and often do not know how to identify it or approach it. Fear is instilled in us at work, at home, or even in a social setting. It is time to conquer our fears! Join me in this movement to spread awareness, engage in dialogues and have people conquer their fears! It becomes our social responsibility to care for our fellow humans. Let’s lead by lifting each other up and not by instilling fear.

Share your voices and your experiences of your fears. First step of conquering our fear is to talk about it. Post your story on instagram and tag @fearhasaface.
— Mila DeChant