'Courage is the Antidote to Fear'


Fear Isn’t Singular. Fear Has Many Faces.

Fear Has A Face is here to shift the paradigm of fear into courage and make courage & empowerment be the new epidemic in the world


Immigrants have been a target where they have been treated in inhumane ways. Treating them as though they are second class instils an ongoing unsettling fear into them. To play with ones status to live freely in a place they call home is a barbaric act. We are partner with communities who shift the uncertainty and fear into courage and empowerment.

Women have been scrutinized for years all over the world. In some countries women are denied education, right to have their own voice or right to vote. Even in our own communities, women have been stripped of their voice, their right, their identity with lawmakers passing laws pertaining to abortion. This is the start to erasing the progression we have made, our leaders have made to fight for women’s rights. We stand and continue to fight for women’s right via partnerships and community engagements.

Dehumanizing and criminalizing our fellow brothers and sisters based on their sexuality and gender is the utmost barbaric act people in power can do. We stand pridefully with our LGBTQ community for their rights. No one must live in fear for the way they are born. Their strength becomes ours and our strength becomes theirs. We stand and continue to fight for their rights through partnerships and community engagements.



Mila DeChant childhood photo

For years, I have been battling to overcome my own fears. It was utterly debilitating and I hated what it did to me. Fear eliminated my identity, my voice, my confidence, and my ability to become. I experienced a relapse multiple number of times with fear. I even contemplated suicide from the fear instilled into me on a daily basis from extreme bullying during my corporate tenure. 


During this phase of 2 and a half years where I was yelled at, defamed, shamed, bullied, silenced, threatened, and ostracized on a daily basis, I felt dehumanized and morphed into an unrecognizable individual. The fear I had experienced reminded me of my childhood experience where I was physically abused every single day under the reasoning of “ I was a slow and stupid child”. I became an individual where I couldn’t think with clarity or work with clarity. I couldn’t speak articulately as I was constantly nervous of being shut down and the repercussions I would face.

I felt like a slave in a prison shackled down and with a barrier around my mouth to prevent me from voicing out. One day, as I stood on top of a building to commit suicide to end the pain, fear, and shame, I heard a voice say “ You have to fight back not only for yourself but for those who suffer in silence”. As I heard this voice, my phone beeped at the same time and it was a text from my sister asking me “Are you okay”?. This was the defining moment for me to rise up and show up for myself and for others - to make a change to shift the epidemic of fear into courage.

I walked out of my corporate job not knowing how I was going to pay my bills. I embarked on a 9-month journey researching and digging deeper to find what fear really is. Can it be quantified? How does it look like? What does it do? What does it sound like? How does it come about? I was determined to find answers. After 9 months of research and digging deeper, I found that fear has a face and it ISN'T singular. There are degrees of fear and it has a detrimental effect on us. And that is why I founded “Fear Has A Face” movement to shift the global epidemic of fear into courage and empowerment through engagement, dialogues, education. 


So many of us experience fear at nuanced levels, at various phases in our lives and in various environments. Fear is instilled in us at work, at home, or even in a social setting. We undergo a paralysis mode when fear is instilled into us at various degrees.

Could you imagine how we will operate if we felt empowered and courageous?


How will you impact your life and the lives of many others whose voices are oppressed?


Our effort to plant seeds of empowerment and courage into our citizens by enabling them to share their voices and stories to shift their fears into acts of courage through events, talks, community engagements, and partnerships with companies, universities, communities, and countries.

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