Workshop Highlights

  • Gain a foundational knowledge on the 3 prong triangle of humans

  • Learn how to identify burn out culture and create a space of passion

  • Learn how production directly correlates to how our humans are showing up from a 3 prong

  • triangle

  • Gain foundational knowledge on how to remove bias from how we review performances of

  • our humans and gain insight to replace performance reviews with check ins

  • Explore ways to create and implement interest based engagement that catalyses execution

  • empowerment

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Growing with Your Team

2 Days Workshop

Growth only starts when leaders understand their humans. Learn  to lead.


We mostly have thought about the growth of our business and growth of our team in terms of quantity - fiscally and size. Very few times have we thought about flipping the script which is to growing with our team. The growth of our team isn’t only exclusive to sending our humans for courses or forcing them to take irrelevant trainings but to truly understand how we understand them and create a space of growth equity. When we truly understand our humans as individuals and align our understanding with growth equity, growth becomes exponentially inherent in our organizations.