Leading with Heartship

2 Days Workshop

A leader's journey to understanding systemic catalytic leadership.

Workshop Highlights

  • Working on decoding unconscious bias

  • Learn the importance of empathy, kindness, and understanding

  • Learn how situational leadership looks like and develop catalytic heartship

  • Develop powerful leadership tools that will enable you to practise heartship

  • Gain a foundational knowledge of what humanization at the workplace looks like

  • Learn the dire need of creating a consciously empowering environment that eliminates “fear

    base culture”

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The landscape of leadership calls for us to innovate and evolve in how we empower our humans and build a safe space for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to flourish. As humans, we all have a few things in common - to have a sense of belonging, to be welcomed, to have the liberty to be and become, to be in an environment where empowerment and growth is in abundance. In order to have that sense of belonging, as leaders, we become responsible in creating a space where diversity and inclusion isn’t an isolated theme. Diversity and Inclusion becomes an integral part of our structure.

In this workshop, participants will be challenged to shift their conditioned perspective of what leadership has been into what heartship is. It helps leaders to adopt a visionary outlook on the nuances of how impactful heartship can be. Once each participant discovers the importance of leading with heartship, they will be able to pivot their mindset in leading heartfully.